Rent in Dubai is paid by check on a yearly basis. Depending on the area and the current market conditions the payments can be a single check or 2, 3, 4 and upwards.

The check/post-dated checks are written out to the owner stated on the title deed of the property. An additional 5% is collected as a security deposit; this is returnable at the end of the tenancy minus any agreed maintenance costs above fair wear and tear.

Check the rental contract carefully especially any clauses added in the addendum regarding who is responsible for maintenance  etc.


A 5% commission check is payable to the Real Estate company involved. ONLY USE REGISTERED BROKERS FROM REGISTERED REAL ESTATE COMPANIES.

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You will need to get DEWA (Water and Electricity) connected and also the chiller (air conditioning). This is supplied separately and will incur additional monthly bills.

You must register with Ejari (rental register), this will be required to connect with Du, Etisilat, Dubai’s telephone and broadband providers.

The Rera rental renewal calculator (button below) should be checked 90 days before the lease expires, any proposed increase or reduction can be agreed upon.