There are many property portals in Dubai. A good percentage of sales and rentals are generated directly from them and newcomers are continually coming to the market hoping for a slice of the action.

There are three or four big players that have been around for a while, notably DubizzlePropertyfinder ,Bayut and also Just property. These have been followed by some innovative new sites such as Propsearch with its intuitive and user friendly interface and Ezestate which is packed full of info-graphics and in-depth information.

The newest kid on the block Yzer Property has gate crashed the party with its high profile disruptive marketing and is presently also being used by some Dubai’s real estate brokers.

With so many portals, some subscription and some free there are huge amount properties listed, many of which are of the same property. In the past the quality and veracity of the listings has been poor in many cases, this is now improving with the better quality portals such as and making efforts to verify listings.

An other site, is a great source of information and market analytics and has focused on the off-plan sector. and are two portals specialising in offplan property sales. Dxboffplan also has created a great app that can be downloaded from the google play store.